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Menu Cards

One of the main Topics of Crea Grafico is the creation of menus - especially for ​​cafés or ice cafés.

Menu Cards

In a first preliminary talk with Thomas Pelzer you talk about the rough contents and your ideas and can be advised how your personal menu might look like in the future.

On the basis of this conversation a binding offer will be created afterwards. If then you give the order to Crea Grafico, maybe you arrange an appointment to take photos of your specialties or you alternative use a selection of images from the Crea Grafico archive. Don't worry about the exclusive use of your photos. If photos of your products have been created, you will have the option of sharing the images with the archive, in return for a discount on Crea Grafico's services. Otherwise, your pictures will of course only remain in your menu and will only be saved for you.

After that, the design of the menu card will be started in accordance with the preliminary discussion with you and will be coordinated with you in the ongoing process. When the design of the complete menu is done, you still have the opportunity to control and correct everything. Only when you give your Ok, the file will be handed over to the printer and printed and processed in your desired quality and quantity.

To get an impression of the work of Crea Grafico, here are some menus as PDF to flip through.

About Printing

For printing there are different options. Durability and water resistance are very important, especially in cafés with outdoor tables. Unfortunately, paper tends to swell and soften in the water. To counteract this, the cards are covered with a film that protects the printed surfaces. Only at the edges, there is still the problem of sensitivity to water. Unfortunately even the best printer can not change this problem. So, if you choose paper and foil in the classic version, you have to keep in mind that the life of the menu is limited depending on the treatment and water contact. At best, order a few more copies to exchange damaged cards.

Alternatively, there is also the option to choose a waterproof plastic paper that contains no paper and therefore does not have to be coated with a film. The colour is applied directly to the plastic. To protect the colour of the cover sheets, an additional transparent front and back side can be used here. But even with this variant, there is a disadvantage: The plastic sides are more rigid in the structure, so they can not be kinked. That means, that the classic binding of the pages with staples is not possible. Instead, a spiral is used here, which is available in different colors. This results in a modern, but also a little bit static design. The decision of the printing variant of course is yours.