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Flyers, posters, stickers and other print media

The decision which print media to use is not always easy, but it is certain that even in a predominantly digital world the printed advertising media are indispensable.

For small businesses or events of any kind, the flyer as a relatively cheap advertising media are still excellent, but take care, because if the flyer is not well designed, the effect can change and the customers run away. Crea Grafico knows what is important within the design of print media and creates the right layout for your purpose based on your informations. Like that results advertising-effective media that will bring new customers for your company soon.
Crea Grafico also gladly advises you personally and without obligation to select the appropriate medium for your project. If your print medium is finished, he also can help with the placement of signs or other fixed advertising materials.

For small businesses, Crea Grafico offers favorable combinations of design and printing for your promotion, but also offers opportunities and ideas for larger companies. So he is easily able to design complete corporate designs including all variations for different uses.

Get in touch with us and test the work of Crea Grafico for your printed matter.

Here are a few examples of flyers and posters:

  • Riding Hood
  • JCE_03
  • Penny
  • JCE_01
  • Reese
  • Reese_CD
  • Anita Kühn
  • Color Line
  • Congaz
  • Kruse_01
  • Kruse_02
  • JCE_02
  • Scala
  • Rockabilly_01
  • Rockabilly_02